Why Are Lulu Cots So Popular Nowadays?


In a baby cot, your little one need to have an undisturbed night of peaceful sleep. Moreover, there is no danger of your baby rolling off the bed. There are several brands in the market for top-quality baby cots, and Lulu cot being the most trusted pick among parents.

A Brief Introduction to Lulu Cots

If you are in search of aesthetically appealing & high-functional baby cots with a myriad of features at an unbeatable price, look or think no further than the our most popular Babyhood Lulu cot. The Lulu baby cots are compact and light-in-weight and can be maneuvered without breaking your back.

Lulu cot is made from premium-quality, grade A New Zealand plantation timber comes with level 2 base adjustments and the best features that you may get in a large cot.

Ergonomically Safe Baby Cots for Parents

Unlike other brands, manufacturing baby cots, Lulu’s biggest USP is its ergonomic design. It has a front panel that allows mums and dads to safely put their baby in the cot, rather than you falling into the cot or finding it hard to pull out, leaving you with a hurtful back. So, not only Lulu’s cots present great comfort to your baby but also are good for your hips, back, and shoulders. 

Grows With Your Baby

Another reason that makes babyhood Lulu cot a value-for-money purchase is it is suitable for a growing child. As your kid is a newborn, all the panels of the cot can be in a closed position. Then, when the baby grows and is a toddler, the front timber panel can be left open or security can be lowered, to give the little one a feeling of freedom of movement.

Sustainable for Our Planet Earth

 The babyhood’s Lulu cots are made from the finest-quality timber grown sustainably in plantations, so that they do not deplete the natural ecosystem, and care for the planet earth that your children will inherit from you one day.

Salient Features of Lulu’s Cots

  •   The Lulu’s cots are best-suited for both a baby boy or baby girl, as it is gender-neutral.
  •   It comes with a special two-level base change for the best comfort for your baby.
  •   An elegant and modern design that is trendy nowadays.
  •   Ergonomically designed to save your back.
  •   Made from clear A grade NZ plantation timber.

Maintains the Best-in-Industry Standards

  • The Lulu cots are accredited by NATA’S testing facility AFRIDI or Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute.
  • The Lulu cots comply with Australian Standard for Domestic use Cots.

Babyhood’s Lulu cots are available in a selection of color choices. You can pick one that your kid loves. There are options for tone in the slats & the frame, giving the Lulu cot a two-toned natural appearance.

Lulu Cot – Beech

Lulu Cot – White

If you’ve bought a Lulu cot for your baby, do share your experience using it in the comment section below, our readers would love to hear from you.

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