5 Amazing Features of a Bebcare Baby Monitor

Many parents absolutely love their Bebcare baby monitors. Reviewers call Bebcare baby monitors “the Rolls Royce of baby monitors“. Our customers appreciate the low emissions safety and beautiful design of our products. That’s why many Bebcare parents own multiple sets of Bebcare and share their love of our baby monitors with friends and families.

Here are 5 amazing features of a Bebcare baby monitor

Ultra-low EMF Wireless Radiation by Design

All Bebcare baby monitors are equipped with DSR Digital Safe Radio technology, which significantly reduces wireless emissions. This DSR technology is unique to Bebcare baby monitors and is a wireless radio technology designed from the ground up for baby use.

Secure, Fully Encrypted Signal

The wireless signal used by Bebcare baby monitors is fully encrypted. This means nobody else can hear nor watch your baby other than yourself. Each baby monitor is paired to its parent unit, so even if a neighbor has a Bebcare baby monitor, they cannot hear you.

Two-way Talk Back with Baby

This is one of parent’s favorite features! Parents can talk back and calm their baby directly via a “walkie-talkie” feature on the parent unit. This is one of the best ways to calm your little one down before he/she starts crying endlessly.

White Noise Silencer Technology

Every Bebcare baby monitor model has a white noise silencer. This feature completely removes the background white noise that you don’t need to hear. This means the parent unit is completely silent unless your baby starts crying. This amazing technology reduces distraction and helps you can sleep better at night.

Fully Expandable Monitor with Additional Baby Units

You never know when you will have more than one babies. Sometimes you have two babies at the same time! Every Bebcare baby monitor is fully expandable. The Bebcare iQ WiFi HD baby monitor is so versatile you can add an unlimited number of baby cameras to your Bebcare iQ smartphone app.

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