Is your Toddler ready for Toilet Training?

My Size Potty

Many parents are eager to start toilet training for their toddler when they are between 18-24 months. It can be challenging sometimes as your toddler may not show signs of readiness. However most parents find it hard to determine when can they really start toilet training. It is best to keep an eye on the signals from your toddler that will help determine whether your toddler is ready to be toilet trained:

Signals to keep an eye on to find out whether your toddler is ready to be Toilet Trained:

  • Your toddler despises dirty diapers and they may start telling you that they don’t like wet diapers
  • Their bowel movements have become more regular and predictable and you expect poos from your toddler certain times during the day
  • You’re changing fewer diapers throughout the day i.e. the diaper stays dry for longer
  • They may start to announce when a bowel movement is about to strike and they might insist on doing things for themselves
  • When nature calls, they can start to pull down their trousers, girls may be able to hike up their skirts
  • They will start to understand bathroom/toilet lingo such as Poop, Pee, Wee, Urinate etc.

However, there may be other reasons that may hinder your toddler toilet training such as addition of a new member to the family, changes to routine etc.

There are a few Toilet Trainers that you may want to explore for your toddler :

My Size Potty

My Size Potty – Pink

Kids Potty Trainer Seat Baby Safety Toilet Training Toddler Children Non Slip – BLUE

Kids Potty Seat Trainer Baby Safety Toilet Training Toddler Children Non Slip – PINK

Kids Toilet Ladder Toddler Potty Training Seat

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