Five reasons why you should feed your baby with glass bottles

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There is no doubt that buying a baby bottle is more tedious than it seems. When it comes to baby bottles, there are a lot of choices. With a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose the best bottle. If you are searching for a bottle to feed your baby, then you must choose glass bottles. Here are some key reasons why you should feed your baby with glass bottles.

No chemicals: 

One of the key reasons to pick glass bottles for your baby is no chemicals. Yes, you heard it right. Glass bottles are chemical-free. Neither any chemical is used to manufacturing glass bottles nor it contains any harmful chemicals. Thus, you should always choose glass bottles for feeding your baby. It would keep your baby healthy and disease-free.

Easy to clean:

Another essential reason to choose glass bottles to feed your baby is easy cleaning. Plastic bottles usually build residues and unpleasant odours with time. Whereas, glass bottles remain as it is. With a gentle cleaning, you can keep your glass bottles new. On the other hand, plastic bottles also create minute spaces. These spaces become a habitat for bacteria and pathogens, which can lead to serious diseases. 

Full Sanitisation:

Every appliance that you use these days needs sanitisation. Rising numbers of infections have become a threat to every person. When it comes to babies, you should be more cautious in everything that you use for them. You have to sanitise every utensil that you use for them. In such cases, boiling is the best option to sanitize. Boiling at a certain temperature will kill all the germs from the glass bottle and will keep your baby healthy. But if you want to use plastic bottles, then boiling will not be the best option to sanitise it. 

Tastes better:

As discussed earlier, plastic bottles develop an unpleasant odour after using it for a certain time. This affects the flavour of milk that you give to your baby. You may even notice that your baby is crying while drinking the milk from plastic bottles. In such cases, glass bottles are the best option for you. It doesn’t have any odour and can be easily cleaned. Thus, you can opt for glass bottles without thinking too much.

Compatible with common breast pumps:

Using glass bottles to feed doesn’t imply that you have to buy separate bottles that fit your breast pump. Most of the glass bottles these days work with a common breast pump. Thus, you don’t have to spend extra money to find a bottle that fits the breast pump. 

In conclusion, these were some reasons to choose glass bottles over plastic ones. If you are looking for a durable bottle to feed your baby, make sure that the bottle you choose is completely safe for your little one.

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